2019 Fall/Winter Session
August 5th - December 14th

Try our new Contemporary & Hip Hop
classes before they officially begin!

Date: Wednesday, August 21
Cost: $15 for 1 class; $25 for 2 classes

Hip Hop (Ages 4 - 7) Sign Up HERE
Hip Hop (Ages 8 - 11) Sign Up HERE
Hip Hop (Ages 12 - 18) Sign Up HERE
Contemporary (Ages 11 - 18) Sign Up HERE

Weekly Contemporary & Hip Hop classes for our Fall/Winter class session begin Wednesday, September 4th.

Full payment (registration fee & tuition) MUST be submitted upon registration to secure student's space in their registered class(es). Students MUST be enrolled in a Ballet class to take Jazz, Modern & Pointe classes.

Class Schedule


 Age provides a general guideline for initial placement. The  artistic director/instructor will evaluate the student on the first day of class if there are questions about ability or readiness. Students are expected to spend at least one year (two 16-week semesters), and often two or more years, at a particular level before moving on to the next level.