Beyond the Barre

We are inundated with video after video of dancers of varying ages who are talented beyond belief. That can be to the detriment of dancers and parents of dancers who do not view themselves to be as “talented” as these social media dancers. Through the lens of social media, dance has become a spectacle. Because of this, there seems to be a facade of instant gratification and insane expectations surrounding the dance community. Parents of three year olds expect their children to be on pointe...crazy right?! Not only that, many parents these days think they are better dance educators than the teachers and try to tell them how to train their child! It’s insane!

Student Spotlight: Jaivyn

I have learned so much about myself being a budding artist and learning the art of dance. I am disciplined, dedicated, and determined! I realized these qualities about myself when I attended my very first Summer Intensive at Norma’s Academy of Dance. I was 10 years old and loving dance to the fullest and of course I was excited about dancing during the summer…I knew my legs were little bigger and my gut was harder to pull in but, boy was I determined. I was determined to show that no matter what, I could do it! After the intensive, I decided to set a goal for myself. This goal would be to watch what I eat to help me control my core better and be able to move easier on the dance floor.

Live from the Director's Chair

Over my 34 years in the Atlanta dance community, I have seen black owned studios open and close. This business is not for the faint at heart….You are often faced with parents that don’t truly trust what you say or do and parents that move their children from studio to studio in search of the newest, shiniest thing

Student Spotlight: Deja

That's the thing about Norma’s Academy of Dance, it is MORE than a dance studio, it's a family that will always stay with you. I began my dancing journey at Norma's when I was 4 or 5 years old and let me tell you it has been an amazing journey.

Beyond the Barre

Hi everyone, Elyse here! Not many know who I am but I am Djana’s oldest daughter. My entire life has been Norma’s Academy of Dance, literally. Fun fact: my mom went into labor with me while teaching dance at the studio! I have 24 years of dance experience, 12 years of teaching experience and almost 5 years of official dance administration/management experience. I feel extremely blessed to have been born into the legacy of Norma’s Academy of Dance.