Academy Founder: Norma B. Mitchell

Norma B. Mitchell

Norma's Academy of Dance was established in 1972 by the late Norma B. Mitchell. Initially, the Academy provided a virtual one-stop shop for culture featuring lessons in dance, drama, singing, piano, modeling and baton twirling. Through the years, some of the programs were discontinued, but the emphasis on dance remained. Now, the Academy offers several classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Modern, Hip-Hop and Belly dancing. Its instructors are highly trained in all forms of dance and most are professional dancers. Performing in and out of the state of Georgia, the Academy has been an asset to the Metropolitan Atlanta area for nearly four decades.

Norma's Words of Wisdom

“I feel very deeply within my heart that if America ever opens her eyes, she might see glimpses of her social growth and development, esthetic beauty and character; and she would want to change. If she but dares to change, she must do so through the hearts, minds, souls and entire being of her youth. The earlier America’s youth becomes aware of their needs, desires and total existence, the greater effect the change will have upon them as they interact with their environment. It is upon these principles and goals that Norma’s Academy of Fine Arts was instituted.

As we come to the end of another successful year, let us do so with a meeting of minds, rededicated to the cause for which we strive — our children. May we never attempt to relive our lives through them, but give them the initial opportunity to search for self-reflections and individual growth through program activities such as these; learn to think: ‘I am, I can, I will;’ and learn to reach out beyond arms length and tippy toe above the zenith.

Take with you as you leave this year, and pass it on, a heart full of growth, a mind full of wisdom, and a life full of understanding sprinkled with lots and lots of love which will make you and yours bigger and better than you ever dared to be.”

May God Bless You,