Class Descriptions


A classical dance form requiring extreme discipline and focus. The class concentrates on correct body alignment and clarity of movement as the dancers progress through barre, center floor and across the floor exercises. The ballet technique is very important because it is the foundation of most other genres of dance. 


A normal progression from ballet requiring strong feet, ankles, and legs. The student must have extensive ballet technique training in order to be considered (4 years or more). The student must also be enrolled in at least 2 ballet classes per week. *evaluation by director required.


This genre emphasizes a whole-body approach to dance including flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. It also allows dancers to utilize freedom of expression. Our studio teaches the Horton technique but our dancers are also exposed to the Graham, Dunham, and Limon technique. You must be enrolled in a ballet class to enroll in modern.


This genre incorporates ballet principals in a dynamic, upbeat way. It requires great strength, agility, flexibility, and control. Class begins with a warm-up, then moves to progressions across the floor, and ends with center floor combinations. You must be enrolled in a ballet class to enroll in jazz.


One of the most traditional forms of dance. This technique utilizes a special shoe to create different rhythms, sounds, and patterns. Tap helps develop musicality and coordination.


Combines elements of several different dance genres including ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. This class connects the mind and body through movement, requiring the dancers to show emotion and be vulnerable.

Hip Hop

This style of dance is one of the most high-powered and aggressive form of dance, requiring dancers to interpret the music through movement. Each student adds their individual personality to the style of dance. Age appropriate music and movement are used in class.

Class Listings by Age

4 & 5 Year Old Classes

  • Baby Ballet

  • Baby Jazz

  • Beg Tap

3 Year Old Classes

  • Baby Ballet

7 - 10 Year Old Classes

  • Intro to Pre Ballet I

  • Intro to Pre Ballet II

  • Pre Ballet II

  • Beg. Jazz I

  • Beg. Jazz II

  • Adv. Beg. Tap

  • Beg. Int. Tap

  • Beg. Modern

6 Year Old Classes

  • Baby Ballet

  • Baby Jazz

  • Beg. Tap

  • Adv. Beg. Tap

11+ Classes

  • Pre Ballet II

  • Beg. Ballet

  • Beg. Int. Ballet

  • Int. Ballet

  • Beg. Jazz II

  • Beg. Int. Jazz

  • Int. Jazz

  • Beg. Modern

  • Beg. Int. Modern

  • Int. Modern

  • Int. Tap

  • Int. Adv. Tap

  • Pointe

  • Turns & Progressions