Norma's Academy Of Dance



Celebrating 46 Years of

"Excellence In Dance" 

"Give Your Child A Lasting Gift" - Norma B. Mitchell


Why Choose Norma's Academy of Dance? 


Our impressive history is worth a thousand words! For the past 46 years, we have been hailed as a major training ground for young dancers, and recognized as a mainstay with national influence in Atlanta’s artistic community.


The Academy concentrates strictly on technique! We are not a competition studio. The emphasis of our Academy is technical proficiency and artistic expression and interpretation. We build the complete dancer. Our students not only learn technique but they become very familiar with dance history and terminology. Dancers without excellent technique are prone to injury and long-term issues with their bodies. It is very important that parents pay close attention to technique and training. As the dancer becomes more confident and skilled, they may be given an invitation to become a part of the  “Norma’s Academy of Dance Performance Ensemble.”


Our Purpose

The Academy remains a deeply committed organization headed by a passionate executive director whose vision and artistic genius now stands as a testament to our remarkable longevity and fruitfulness. The tangible rewards of being taught by Norma’s professionally-trained teaching staff, are great; but the intangible blessing of being shaped and molded into confident, creative, technically adept, and responsible young women and men in a supportive and non-threatening environment , is immeasurable. But don’t just take our word for it… Experience Norma’s Academy of Dance today. It’s the best gift you could ever give.

I am so grateful for each student; but I am especially grateful to each parent for not only opening the world of dance up for their child, but also for their continued support which never fails to inspire me to work and grow the Academy.
— Djana Bell, Artistic Director


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